That Time I Ran a Half Marathon

My alarm goes off and I open my eyes to a dark room. It takes me a moment to remember why the hell I’m getting up, but slowly reality comes back to me. I throw on my leggings, sports bra, and hoodie. It’s time to run.  Continue reading “That Time I Ran a Half Marathon”


My Twenty-Third Trip Around the Sun

My last four birthdays, spent in Canada, New Zealand, New York, and Australia.

Last week, I turned twenty-three.

Turning sixteen meant I could drive a car. Eighteen meant I could vote and was (at least legally) “independent.” Twenty-one meant I could finally go out to bars. Twenty-three… Continue reading “My Twenty-Third Trip Around the Sun”

Where 2015 Took Me


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As this year draws to a close, I’ve been thinking a lot about where it took me. If I told myself on January 1 of this year all the places I’ve seen and the crazy stuff I got into, I honestly don’t think I would have believed it. I knew this would be a big year for me, since I finally graduated from university, but I had no idea just how big it would get. Continue reading “Where 2015 Took Me”

Appreciate the Road Blocks

   Today, I sit alone under a willow tree in London’s beautiful Hyde Park. How the hell did I end up here?

Six months ago, I had pictured my life going in a completely different direction. I was looking up apartments in my hometown to rent out with a friend. I was planning for a summer at home. I was thinking about continuing my education and looking at entry-level jobs in my field. But then, a series of rather disheartening and soul-testing events occurred that led me to this place, under the willow tree. 

At the time of each event, I felt as if the walls were crumbling around me. I felt that nothing was going right and that I was a failure. But in one of these dark moments, I received an email from Stoke Travel to work for them this summer. And it was because I felt that nothing at home was right that I decided to apply for this job and go somewhere else. 

Had I been in a different place, still content with the comforts of my life, I would not have applied. I might still be at home, living my life inside the box. Would I be as happy as I am here today? Maybe. But this experience has been so amazing, so rewarding, so fulfilling, I can’t imagine who I would be without it. 

There are times in our lives when we are broken down. It seems unfair and horrible.  But now, with the perspective I have gained today, I can view these moments as crossroads. Each failure is an opportunity to seek a different path. “Every time a door closes, another opens.” Yes, I did just use that cliche. But that is exactly what happened to me. It is hard to see it at the time, but just wait. It’s coming. 

Take a risk, kids. Leave the comforts of your home and find a new home within yourself. 

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Xoxo, k