That Time I Ran a Half Marathon

My alarm goes off and I open my eyes to a dark room. It takes me a moment to remember why the hell I’m getting up, but slowly reality comes back to me. I throw on my leggings, sports bra, and hoodie. It’s time to run.  Continue reading “That Time I Ran a Half Marathon”


My Wasted Education

Let me set a scene for you here.

I’m having wine with my aunt, a friend and her mother. We start chatting about my sister and my friend’s mum suddenly calls her “the one everyone’s proud of.”

Then, suddenly, the conversation turns on me.  Continue reading “My Wasted Education”

My Twenty-Third Trip Around the Sun

My last four birthdays, spent in Canada, New Zealand, New York, and Australia.

Last week, I turned twenty-three.

Turning sixteen meant I could drive a car. Eighteen meant I could vote and was (at least legally) “independent.” Twenty-one meant I could finally go out to bars. Twenty-three… Continue reading “My Twenty-Third Trip Around the Sun”

Where 2015 Took Me


travel quote

As this year draws to a close, I’ve been thinking a lot about where it took me. If I told myself on January 1 of this year all the places I’ve seen and the crazy stuff I got into, I honestly don’t think I would have believed it. I knew this would be a big year for me, since I finally graduated from university, but I had no idea just how big it would get. Continue reading “Where 2015 Took Me”

Appreciate the Road Blocks

   Today, I sit alone under a willow tree in London’s beautiful Hyde Park. How the hell did I end up here?

Six months ago, I had pictured my life going in a completely different direction. I was looking up apartments in my hometown to rent out with a friend. I was planning for a summer at home. I was thinking about continuing my education and looking at entry-level jobs in my field. But then, a series of rather disheartening and soul-testing events occurred that led me to this place, under the willow tree. 

At the time of each event, I felt as if the walls were crumbling around me. I felt that nothing was going right and that I was a failure. But in one of these dark moments, I received an email from Stoke Travel to work for them this summer. And it was because I felt that nothing at home was right that I decided to apply for this job and go somewhere else. 

Had I been in a different place, still content with the comforts of my life, I would not have applied. I might still be at home, living my life inside the box. Would I be as happy as I am here today? Maybe. But this experience has been so amazing, so rewarding, so fulfilling, I can’t imagine who I would be without it. 

There are times in our lives when we are broken down. It seems unfair and horrible.  But now, with the perspective I have gained today, I can view these moments as crossroads. Each failure is an opportunity to seek a different path. “Every time a door closes, another opens.” Yes, I did just use that cliche. But that is exactly what happened to me. It is hard to see it at the time, but just wait. It’s coming. 

Take a risk, kids. Leave the comforts of your home and find a new home within yourself. 

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Xoxo, k