I went to a seminar this weekend where I heard from various political speakers, and one of them really stuck with me.

His speech was about having a set of values that you live your life by. He made the argument that if you weren’t true to one, you weren’t true to all.

It got me thinking- what are my values? He had a list of 10 that ideally, I would be able to say I follow. But I wouldn’t be being honest. So I sat down and tried to compile a list of what values I live my life by. Here’s the result:

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The Best Travel Accessory is Someone You Love

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I am very pleased to FINALLY announce that I am officially studying abroad in Sydney, Australia next semester!

I have been waiting for months to hear back, as my application initially got mixed up. The deadline was next week, so I was starting to lose hope…

BUT I GOT IN! I cannot wait to start this adventure (The adventure begins February 19th) and what makes it even better is MY BEST FRIEND GOT IN AS WELL.

I am not the type of person that needs to travel with someone else. I book solo trips all the time. But this is one trip I feel will be a thousand times better with my best friend by my side. We took one trip together last fall to Chicago for Riot Fest and one in the winter to Disney World- both trips were great! She tells me I bring out the adventure in her. (I like to think I have that effect on people.)

We will be flying to LAX together for about a week (staying with my grandma; I grew up in LA) and then departing from LAX to Sydney on Feb 19th. I booked my flight yesterday!

The only snag now is that my school doesn’t cover our housing while abroad. It is going to cost approximately $8,000 for the six months we will be there (we looked into renting out rooms and it was cheaper, but this option is more secure and I just want to get it done). I got word from my school today that I can use my federal loan of $3700 for housing, and the rest is up to me! Fingers crossed I can find a job as soon as I get there, or else I will be in deep doo-doo.

Do any of you fellow travelers have any advice for moving abroad or for moving to Sydney specifically? I’ll be doing my research for the next few months but any little tidbit will help!

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Halloween Monster Cupcakes

Halloween Monster Cupcakes

My friend Nikki and I thought we’d be festive and made these for the office today. The idea came from Pinterest (of course) and naturally looked a whole lot better on Pinterest. But they’re still cute and very yummy!

They’re just chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, topped with a marshmallow rolled in green frosting with yellow mini m and m eyes!

Happy Halloween everyone!

What Disney Means to Me


If you know me, you know that I feel strongly about Disney. Some people (like my mother) think I’m a crazy person and am just wasting my money going to a silly amusement park. But Disney means a lot more than that to me. And here’s why…

Cultivating the Imagination

As kids, we are able to imagine anything at a minute’s notice. I remember being able to imagine that my front porch was McDonalds and my sister was driving a car through my drive-thru. I was able to imagine entire worlds for my Barbie dolls that they would live in for days at a time. I could imagine that I was a spy collecting top-secret information about my next-door neighbors. I even remember imagining I was a crime scene investigator for a “murder” that occurred at my elementary school after-hours. Now-a-days, I have difficulty escaping reality. Disney is a place where I can get back to the days of my childhood imagination. The detail they put into the parks transport you into another world and allow you to leave reality behind and be a kid again, regardless of how old you are.

Everyone is a Princess

Maybe it’s just me, but I still cling to the hope that someday, I will marry a prince. Until then, I will settle for walking around Disney Parks and having cast members call me princess. Heck, I will even spring for some ears with a little tiara on them to sweeten the deal. Disney has a way of making you feel like you’re special. And I like that.

“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”

Believe it or not, Disney inspires me to set real-life goals for myself and to do all I can to reach them. They teach kids and adults to never give up on hopes and dreams. Maybe even to believe in a little “magic” to help along the way.

True Love Exists

However silly and naïve it sounds, you can’t help but feel that true love exists when you’re surrounded by all the fairy tales. It brings out that little bit of hope in my heart that I will find my very own Prince Charming (or Beast, whichever) that will sweep me off my feet.


I have never been angry, sad, anxious, or stressed at Disney. I find it very important for people to have some way to just let go of all their worries and enjoy life for a minute. That’s what Disney is for me. It’s my “Laughing Place.” Maybe it doesn’t do the same thing for you; maybe the thought of long lines and expensive food is too much for you to handle. And that’s fine, but it’s still important to find for yourself something in this world that makes you feel the way Disney makes me feel.

What is life without a little magic, anyway?

Nutella Cookies

Nutella Cookies

I baked these cookies this weekend. All it is is one cup of Nutella, one cup of flour, and one whole egg. They are sooooo good! And super easy. I added some white chocolate chips to my second batch and they came out ten times yummier. Bake at 350 for about ten minutes

How to Be an Expert Traveler


I am a poor college student just like 99% of my friends. Yet, all the time people say to me “I wish I could travel as much as you. I want your life!”

Since starting college I have been on trips to:

Washington, DC (8 times)
Chicago (2 times)
Los Angeles (3 times)
Pensacola, FL (2 times)
Edinburgh, Scotland (1 time)
Munich, Germany (1 time, for a week at Oktoberfest)
Montreal, Canada
Orlando, FL (2 times)
Baton Rouge, LA (1 time, a week for spring break)
San Juan, PR (1 time, a week for spring break)
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