Road Trip Day One: Yosemite

Road Trip Day One: Yosemite

I flew home this week to help my sister move from San Diego to Connecticut. We saw this as a perfect opportunity to see some new parts of America, and a road trip is something we’ve been dying to do since our teen years.

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Why I Hit Pause on Travel and Stayed a While

Why I Hit Pause on Travel and Stayed a While
With the people I love in my new hometown

Globetrotting is fun. I spent the last three years of my life traipsing from country to country, eating kebab after kebab. There came a point, however, when it stopped being so fun and started to make me feel uneasy.

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Boot Scoot and Boogie

Boot Scoot and Boogie


I may not openly admit it to most of my friends, but behind closed doors, I am deeply into country music. Every song about dirt roads and summer days brings me back to my high school years, driving around my hometown and smelling the fresh country air. It’s been a part of who I am forever, and sometimes I like to let my inner country girl run free.

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How I Got My Irish Citizenship


One of my goals for 2017 was to finally get my Irish citizenship so I could have a European passport and move to the UK. It was a long, stressful process that took almost eleven months, but in the end it was completely worth it. I’m writing this to help anyone who may be thinking about applying or who may be in the process of applying themselves.

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