Road Trip Day Two: Nevada

We woke up on day two to the first sign of light and the sounds of the river rippling by our tent. By 6:30, we had our tent packed down and were back on the road.

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Road Trip Day One: Yosemite

Road Trip Day One: Yosemite

I flew home this week to help my sister move from San Diego to Connecticut. We saw this as a perfect opportunity to see some new parts of America, and a road trip is something we’ve been dying to do since our teen years.

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Bali, so Bintang-y


“Don’t you get sick of the instability?”

I’m sitting on the balcony of my hostel in Ubud, Bali, sipping a Bintang and watching the sunset over a rice patty with my newly acquired Dutch friend. She’s a teacher, on summer holidays for a few weeks. This is the one time a year that she leaves the comfort of home and goes to explore the world, and already she’s itching to get back.

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My Twenty-Third Trip Around the Sun

My last four birthdays, spent in Canada, New Zealand, New York, and Australia.

Last week, I turned twenty-three.

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A Very Irish St. Paddy’s Day

My travel partner (Valerie of Law Books and Cooks) and I had a few days at the end of her spring break trip to fill while her sister and mother went on to Spain. These days happened to be March 16-18 and I realized: we should go to Dublin for St. Patrick’s day! I don’t normally consider myself a genius, but in this moment I think I was close.  Continue reading “A Very Irish St. Paddy’s Day”