Thirty (?) Hours of Layovers

My gang of hooligans at Grandio, when I finally arrived!

Ahhh, the sweet price we pay to travel on the cheap.

My flight from Bali to Budapest took me to Jakarta, Singapore, and London first. On paper, it seemed reasonable. I leave on Wednesday night and arrive Friday afternoon. That’s not so bad, is it? Continue reading “Thirty (?) Hours of Layovers”


Oh, Budapest

  Budapest was the only leg of this trip that ended up being truly spontaneous. I had a few unplanned days to fill and many of my friends were already there working in hostels. A few clicks, and I had a flight and a place to stay. If only everything were that easy. 

Budapest is great for us poor backpackers because everything is so cheap. $1 U.S. is about 250 HUF, and the average meal was about 1000 HUF. Bottles of wine were 400 HUF. Drinks at the bar were 350 HUF. You see where I’m going with this?

Hungary was like nowhere I’d ever been before. The buildings are all so beautiful and rich with history. Yet, they have all developed an urban, modern twist. There is graffiti covering walls of beautiful architecture. That sort of thing. 

I did a bit of sightseeing, which took me to the Parliament building and the Fishermans bastion. Everything along the Danube is beautiful. Despite the heat, it was wonderful. 

 The main reason all my friends were in Buda was for the party. And trust me: Budapest knows how to party. There are countless party hostels (main ones being Retox and Grandio) full of expatriates seeking good times from sun up to sun down. I saw things I can’t unsee. But hey, cultural immersion, right?

While I only stayed for four days, I think I got my fill of Budapest for now. It was a beautiful, fun spontaneous adventure that I will remember (or wish I could remember) forever. 

Xoxo, k