This year, I decided to take on the challenge that is Oktoberfest with Stoke Travel. For six weeks, from the start of September to the middle of October, I would be camping in sunny, warm Munich (please note the sarcasm here), turning a patch of forest into the mythical land that we affectionately call Stoketoberfest. Continue reading “Stoketoberfest”


Get Stoked: Awesome Trips with Endless Parties (and Beer)



I just became a “travel agent” for Stoke Travel, a Barcelona-based travel company with trips around the world.

How did I get involved with Stoke? It all started with my infamous Oktoberfest trip. I booked with Stoke, which meant I got to stay at their campground. They gave us a tent with two sleeping mats, sleeping bags, and a tent lock. AND (most importantly) bottomless beer and sangria 24 hours a day. Every night there was a raging dance party at the site and every morning we all stumbled around eating the complimentary breakfast. There was a complimentary hot meal every other night as well. And us drunken ladies got wristbands saying “if found, please return to:” and our campground’s address. Which ended up coming in handy all too often…

Stoke provided bus transportation to and from the festival as well, though I found myself taking the metro because I kept forgetting where the bus was parked.

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Some shots of the campground and dance party.

SO Stoke has some awesome trips coming up, I’ll list some of them here. If you’re interested, use my promo code “KYLZ” and you’ll get a cool present. And I’ll get between 5 and 25 Euros commission. Sound good? Read on!

To view the whole trip calendar, click here

Some Highlights:

March 4, 2014- Stiges Carnival


Going to be in Barcelona in March? Stoke is providing bus travel to Stiges from Barcelona for this night of craziness. For only 25 Euros, you get the bus ride, a tour guide, and a pregame.

April 25th – 28th- King’s Day in Amsterdam


What better city to party in than Amsterdam? It’s 150€ for 2 nights, and an additional 50 for each extra night after that. You get to stay on Stoke houseboats. They’re so cool. It also includes breakfast and guided tours.

July 6th – 14th- Running of the Bulls in San Fermin


This is something I’ve been dying to go see. So hey, maybe  I’ll see you there! For 60€ a day you get a twin tent with mattress and sleeping bag, hot breakfasts, and BBQ dinner every other night. Stoke provides the transport to and from the running.

August 25-29, 2014- La Tomatina


Going to be in Spain in August? For just 60€ a day, you get camping accommodations (twin tent, mattress, sleeping bag), hot breakfasts, BBQ dinner every other night, access to the Stoke camp party, and transport to and from the festival

August 11-17- Fringe Festival in Edinburgh


Any 3 nights from August 11th -17th, for just 170€ you can stay with Stoke in Edinburgh for the Fringe festival. The price includes: Dorm Accommodation, Breakfast, Stoke Guide, Stoke Tee, Discounted Drinks at Hostel Bar, a pub crawl & walking tour. Three live performances each night. Sound like a ball to you?

September 20th – October 6th- Oktoberfest Munich


Obviously this one is my favorite because it’s how I got involved with Stoke in the first place. It is CRAZY FUN. Definitely a must-do at least once in your life. For 60€ a day you get the tent, mattress, sleeping bag, transportation, breakfast, BBQ dinner every other night, and a Stoke DJ’d party every night. There are showers on site for free, or 1 Euro if you want hot water. The campsite is awesome and clean, and the festival is so much fun.

HAPPY BOOKING! And maybe I’ll see you there.

{{All photos were taken from the Stoke Travel Website}}

How to Be an Expert Traveler


I am a poor college student just like 99% of my friends. Yet, all the time people say to me “I wish I could travel as much as you. I want your life!”

Since starting college I have been on trips to:

Washington, DC (8 times)
Chicago (2 times)
Los Angeles (3 times)
Pensacola, FL (2 times)
Edinburgh, Scotland (1 time)
Munich, Germany (1 time, for a week at Oktoberfest)
Montreal, Canada
Orlando, FL (2 times)
Baton Rouge, LA (1 time, a week for spring break)
San Juan, PR (1 time, a week for spring break)
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